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Top Three Programming Languages For Software Developers

There are TONNES of programming languages out there and only a handful of them are suitable for software development,i will go over the three that I’ve found most useful over the years.



Before you start rolling your eyes on me and wonder how in the world such a “weak” language is included here,let me clarify that every major software development company leverages pythons simple and easy to learn nature to provide interfaces for custom user authored tools or UI customization,in fact 7/10 every plugin for your favorite software package was written in python,so the next time you plan to develop a custom file exporter its highly likely that you will write it in python.



This language seems to be important especially now that the most popular OS heavily relies on it,Android.Despite android apps having capabilities of running entirely natively,important functionality that developers heavily rely upon like in-app advertising and in-app billing are still implemented in java,this forces developers to use java where ever necessary and C++ on performance critical operations like rendering and simulations.



This language is a marvel in the realm of technology, being the core in many aircraft avionic systems,high precision missile guidance systems,to the harmless video games that we enjoy,this language is efficient and versatile,its ability to work seamlessly with the lower level assembly language gives developers full control of how the program handles data in memory.

In software develpment,the more launguages you know the better but these three should be a good starting point and There you have it,three languages that every software developer should(must) know.


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