The Bionic Boots can make you run faster than Usain Bolt

Keahi Seymour, invented a revolutionary mode of transport boots that allows a person to run as fast as 25mp/h approximately 40km/h. This piece of technology can be termed as the transportation of the future. It’s called the Bionic boots. The bionic boots allows a person to run faster than normal. The fastest man on the planet according to wiki is Usain Bolt running at a speed of about 23.5mp/h. This means that with this running boots you can run faster than Usain Bolt and not just for 100 meters but even for longer distances. The boot allows the energy you use for running to be sort of temporarily stored on artificial tendons made of elastic material. The good thing about the bionic boots is it can survive in diverse terrains as well. It doesn’t matter if you are running on tarmac or dirt, or rocky surfaces, the engineering behind it make it terrain friendly. Though it seems it needs some getting used to before you actually become a pro using them

Initially before creating the bionic boots, Keahi Seymour was inspired at a young age by fast land animals especially on the way they stored energy in their tendons that allowed them to run fast. This made him curious on how he can use the same principle as the animals had in coming up with a piece of technology that would replicate the same in human locomotion.

The bionic boots basically uses rubber tension springs that essentially stores energy in each stride you make and in release, it gives you a longer stride length and better energy recoil with each stride. At the moment, Keahi was able to do test runs of about 15mp/h to 25mp/h, but his end goal is to run at the same speeds as an ostrich at about 45mp/h.

After moving to america in 1999, Keahi won an award with his bionic boots idea, and with the grants he had received, he planned to go to California where he would see his idea reach the masses.
Basically the bionic boots has been made of carbon fiber, aluminium and elastic rubber that act as tendons. With this kind of invention, i believe many key industries can benefit from it though we don’t seem to have any projected time when the finished product will be available to the masses.

Images of the Bionic boots in action

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