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PeerCargo: Theo’s Weekly App Review


PeerCargo, an online system designed to utilize the sharing economy model to allow shoppers to pay low freight fees to acquire small goods from other countries

Imagine you want to shop online for a product that is in the United Kingdom or in the U.S.A, but then you’d have to pay extra for the shipment or other extra costs. Sometimes you might be lucky to find somebody you know.




How it works

  1. Shoppers in Kenya will simply need to login, then paste links of the items that they want, thereafter, wait for a traveller who is travelling to Kenya from US or UK to respond
  2. Travellers from the US or UK to Kenya will login, then select the orders that they can purchase for shoppers. After selecting the orders that they can purchase, the shoppers who made the orders will be notified to deposit the order’s cost + fees within 24 hrs, as a security for travellers. After this payment has been made, travellers will get the green light to purchase the orders that have been paid for, then deliver upon arrival.
  3. After the shopper in Kenya pays for the order, the traveller who took that order will have 24 hrs to order the goods, and show the proof of payment by uploading the proof of purchase in the control panel…more



So How Effective is it?

Well, PeerCargo is still in it’s infancy stage and it would require a series of transactions to actually know how this system is effective. This is common in new innovations and it would be much clearer if the user experience is studied and compared to how the actual design is.

But from what I’ve experienced while using PeerCargo, it is quite a good system and simple to use while placing orders especially when the interface allows you to close to accurately select and describe the product/goods you want. I’m quite impressed by how easy and effective the Shopper Portal is to use.

As with any technology, the efficiency is limited by the human factor and the level of trust between the shopper and the traveller. At least the system reduces the risk by allowing the flow of cash through it and it’s only given to the traveller when the shopper receives the product/goods.

Minimum requirements for the site

PeerCargo runs smoothly on the common web explorers but it’s not accessible via OperaMini at the moment. Hopefully that changes soon enough so as to target mobile users who frequently use OperaMini in this region of the world.

Comparisons with similar online systems

Unlike other online peer to peer shopping systems, which have more vibrant and quite effective marketing strategies, PeerCargo reduces some of the security concerns experienced by users of such online systems where conmen are having a field day. Of course unless they evolve and come up with new ways to cause problems.

‘Life Expectancy’

For technology to outlive generations of users, it has to remain useful and relevant for most of the time. Whether PeerCargo manages to do so, depends on improved user experience that is beneficial and rewarding to both the shoppers and the travellers. If they will enjoy the activity, then it’s bound to stay around longer. And of course effective marketing is key.


Planned updates

Inclusion of other popular travel destinations like Dubai, China and India will be include due to user demand.




PeerCargo is something new and innovative to the market and it’s definitely worth trying. Who knows, it might be the new online shopping way and may cause a paradigm shift. Check it out>>

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