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is virtual reality the future of gaming?

As high-definition gaming and powerful gaming hardware becomes the standard today, gaming peripherals haven’t lagged behind.

Am not talking about your standard keyboard-mouse or intelligent game pads that track your location or the 3d cameras that attach to your modern day consoles, no! am talking about devices that can immerse you into a virtual universe, giving you a true 3d first-person perspective of your characters of choice.

Some people might just say it’s unnecessary and a mere gimmick, but several corporations have foreseen the potential of virtual reality systems, notably the billion dollar acquisition of Oculus rift by Facebook and the huge investments that Sony has poured into their virtual reality project dubbed, project Morpheus.
some corporations have chosen a slightly hybrid path, like Google’s glass. a light weight virtual reality headset that boasts a minimal design, a camera and ability to project information onto the users eyes much like how the iron mans vision. however Google isn’t targeting gamers but the versatility of the technology will surely attract creative game designers, like a game of hide and seek inside your house with your virtual friend perhaps?

All in all, these technologies have one thing in common, they required a device to orchestrate their functions, so you will need a decent gaming PC or console for oculus rift and a smartphone (which everybody has these days) for Google glass.

Finally, let’s talk about cost. Since these devices are still in development and are subjected to constant iterations, they cannot be mass produced cost effectively this usually means you ought to go deeper into your pockets to get your hands on the device, the cost for Google glass currently stands at $1500 and the oculus rift going for $900, but as these devices get closer to production builds, more start ups will start to sprawl and hopefully the competition will bring the retail price down in the near future….or maybe not.

What do you think?

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