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Solu a technology company which is based in Finland and is comprised of many innovative mind such as Kristoffer Lawson the CEO, founder, Javier Reyes the COO, founder and Joona Kallio who is the head of design. This company have created a pocket –sized computer ever made by any human being. It is carved from real wool instead of cold metal or plastic, it also has a square shape which can fit very well in your hand, just like your phone.


To me, Solu is an amazing and innovative cloud-linked computer which ensures that you never need to worry about your hard drive, backing up files, or installing software, since this device does it for you. S0lu can be used as a portable device or as a stationary one, plugged into any screen. Solu’s advanced cloud-linked operating system ensures you never have to worry about maintenance, installation or backup requirements unlike with the current computers you use in your homes.


In this device your content is automatically stored in a multi-GB local cache of the Solu cloud. SoluOS backs up all settings and the state of the Solu itself, so even if you lose your device, you can easily get a replacement and get all your files that you backed up in the cloud system. Solu’s operating system is designed to support the new technological world, where people especially your team members need real-time access to each other’s work. Also with Solu you create separate spaces with its own team environment. This helps you to be more organised in you work and get your files of that particular project at once.


When Solu is connected to an external screen (computer, tablets), its own screen becomes a smart touchpad with controls what you want to access directly and easily. This deice has a fixed monthly fee, which gives you as much storage as you want and as many app as you want. This gadget actually blew my mind, from the design to how it operates and I can’t wait for it to reach the market. Kristoffer Lawson also said that Microsoft and Apple Company should watch out for Solu is coming to the technology market, strong. I really admire their confidence and this are the guys that will change this computing world.


This device will be in the market from next year May 2016 and it will cost around 349 euros (£2570 or 299 euros. It is quite affordable due to its low price but it also includes a fixed monthly fee.

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