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Activating WhatsApp Call Feature

Last year WhatsApp revealed they would introduce the WhatsApp call feature. This feature was already in apps like Skype, Google talk and Facebook messenger, but having a single app to do all those things is an advantage to WhatsApp being one of the most used app.

WhatsApp call feature is another game changer in the communications industry that is about to or has just taken off and is proving to be quite popular with the millions of WhatsApp on Android users worldwide. Now you can call your friends who have the feature activated on their WhatsApp. The WhatsApp call feature was first tested by WhatsApp in India in February 2015 and is now available for the latest version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp call feature can be activated by downloading the latest WhatsApp version 2.12.5 on Play store or version 2.12.19 on WhatsApp website. Then the feature can be active when you receive or call an individual with the latest version of WhatsApp. The user interface of WhatsApp changes after restarting the app and it displays three tabs labeled as ‘calls’, ‘chats’ and ‘contacts’

.whatsapp screen shot 2015-03-31_19.27.56[1]

Accessing the WhatsApp call feature can be done from the chat of the user’s contact since the call icon appears appears as one of the options in the action bar.

Such a move like the WhatsApp call feature is definitely going to rub some sectors the wrong way, yes the telecommunications industry, just like they did with the texting feature. Some countries are currently weighing on banning the use of the app.

That shouldn’t stop you from trying out the new WhatsApp call feature and connect with your friends all the world… or just the one nearby you want to chat up.

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